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July Updates – Release Day!

It has been a long bumpy road since Thursday, July 6, 2017! I simply cannot believe that The Guardians is finally released to the world! What a success guys! In all seriousness thank you so much for all the support.

We are currently sitting at #72,360 in Kindle and #443,998 in Paperbacks on Amazon. We are going through a couple of glitches on Amazon right now with the Paperback editions, I will update everyone as soon as it is back up and running. I have to say our standings are not too shabby, but let’s be real, I want to be closer to that #1 Spot!

I am placing a Giveaway on Goodreads from Aug. 1-30th as well 🙂 make sure that as soon as it goes up that everyone signs up to win a signed paperback!

I have to give a special shout out to a couple of PA’s that have been working their butt’s off.

  1. Britta Neal – I seriously don’t know what I did with my life before you and I am so happy I have found you! She has been a huge help with Takeovers, Graphics, and Promoting for The Guardians – and a big stress reliever on Release Day!
  2. Nikki Brackett – thank you so much for setting up one of The Guardians Release events! We all had a blast and I think it went very well, I couldn’t have done this without you!

Now for some updates on my end:

  1. Demons of the Abyss Anthology – set to be released in August! My short story Fimbulvetr will be within this set!
  2. The 12 – A Fairytale Anthology – Its a spin-off of The 12 Brothers by Grimms Fairytales will be set to release end of this year or early next year depending. I have to submit before the end of July.
  3. Something Wicked – Bennett Witch Chronicles Box Set – my story that follows Bonnie Bennett after her dealings with Season 8 of The Vampire Diaries will be released on October 31, 2017! I am extremely excited about this – TVD was one of my favorite books and TV Series. I will be submitting by September.
  4. The Guardians II: The War – I will be having some announcements over the next few months to update on this, but our projected release date is November of this year!
  5. The Water Series- This idea has been muddling my mind for what seems like eons now, but I will be working on this series in between Anthologies and The Guardians series. This is my first time coming out about this series, you guys are so lucky I love you ❤

Once again, thank you all so much for everything! Please, sign up for my newsletter in the Contact tab, and if you have not followed my Social Media Accounts please do so by clicking the About Tab, links are at the bottom.

Have a wonderful week and a great July!

August Newsletter


Since the last newsletter, a lot has happened! Which could not have happened without your help! Thank you so much for being a part of my journey!

The Guardians is sitting at #484,962 in the Kindle Store and #1,349,836 in Paperback. There are 10 Reviews as well! I know that the numbers fluctuate, but please help me promote!

The Goodreads Giveaway just went live today! I am placing two signed Paperbacks up in the hopes it will generate sales as well! Please help me spread the word! Click for the link!
I was moved onto the next round for the Reality Bites Book Awards in two categories:

  1. Best New Author – Sue Harmeling
  2. Best YA Novel – The Guardians by Sue Harmeling

It would be awesome if I won in both categories so please help me reach this and vote! Click for the link to the event, you have to go to the Polls and vote for me in the Young Adult and Best New Author Categories. Please share too!

In my group we conducted our first round of character interviews! They had the opportunity to question Lillith Diomedes, and will vote on who they get to question this month soon! You can join here.

My first book signing is this month and I cannot wait! I will be headed to Books in Bourbon Country in Louisville, KY on August 19th!

Now for some updates on my end:

  1. Demons of the Abyss Anthology – my short Fimbulvetr is still placed to release, no update on when though.
  2. The 12 – A Fairytale Anthology – The spin off of The 12 by Grimms Fairytales. Due date was pushed to October!
  3. Something Wicked – Bennett Witch Chronicles Box Set – on pace for Oct. 31 release date! The cover reveal will be at the end of this month!
  4. The Guardians II: The War – on pace for a Nov. 29 release date! Cover reveal will be in September!
  5. The Guardians III: The Fallen – working on timeline and chapter outlines.
  6. Military Anthology – this will be a big project with a few Authors that I LOVE! More information to come.
  7. The Water Series- This idea has been muddling my mind for what seems like eons now, but I will be working on this series in between Anthologies and The Guardians series. This is my first time coming out about this series, you guys are so lucky I love you ❤

If you have not been following my social media accounts the links are at the bottom.

Have a wonderful week and a great August!

Author Spotlight
August 2017
H.L. Roberts

About the Author: H.L. Roberts is a short story writer and a contemporary novelist from a small town in Kentucky. She is currently in her third year of college where she is double majoring in english literature and marketing. When she isn’t reading a book you can find her raising awareness about mental illness, suicide prevention, and epilepsy. You can follow her and her writing ventures:

Book Spotlight: 23:27
Release Date: August 10th
Genre: YA Contemporary

Fame. Money. Glory.

These were all the things that you would expect from being famous. The bait that the producers of the industry would tempt you with to get you on their side.

What they don’t tell you though are all the inner tragedies that come along just as quickly. They don’t tell you about the heartache that occurs when you realize that this wasn’t what you wanted at all.

They don’t tell you about the pressure that’s always on the verge of crushing you when you’re forced to do everything that the public demands for and not what you truly desire.

They don’t tell you about the self hatred that would soon take over your entire being at the thought that you will never be good enough.

No – they don’t tell you these things at all.

But, Lilith Rose will.

When Lilith Rose, lead singer to one of the most famous rock bands around gets tired of all the lies and secrets that comes with being famous.

She decides that it’s time for all of it to stop and ends up revealing everything on a Facebook live stream.

The result…

“Part of me wants to die tonight, part of me wants it to be an accident, and part of me wants someone to notice and save me.” – Lilith Rose

23:27 on Goodreads





About the Author

Sue Harmeling grew up, and currently lives, across the river from Cincinnati, OH, with her husband, Steven. Even when she was little she had a pencil in her hand, writing down potential story ideas. Her ideas for her series The Guardians all began when she was sixteen years old. Whether it be reading or writing she was always thinking about new ideas, or about how other authors created the books they wrote.

Becoming an author was her biggest dream, something she always aspired of being. She is a multi-genre author but primarily focuses on Fantasy, Paranormal, and YA. Her favorite authors, who have influenced her to write, are: J.K. Rowling, Simone Elkeles, Kayla Howarth, L.J. Smith, James Dashner, and Suzanne Collins. Her biggest inspiration for her books are her grandmothers who have always pushed her to follow her dreams, along with her family and friends who have been the biggest constant in her life and biggest supporters.

Sunshine Blogger Award – Andrina Chalfon from the Series, “The Guardians”

I’ve been nominated by an amazing Author and friend, Lisa L. Borm, Author of Religion of Trees, for the ‘Sunshine Blogger Award’.  I have decided to choose Andrina Chalfon from my series The Guardians.

I nominate the following Authors as a result (questions are at the bottom): Natalia Schellhaas, Jena Gregoire, Nicole French, Bella Emy (via FB),  Shaan Ranae (via FB), and Alyssa Drake (via FB).



1.) Tell me about yourself and your world?

About me? I mean I am not that interesting, I can assure you, but if you insist, and if I ramble, you asked for it. My name is Andrina, but most people call me Andi. I live in a small valley in Stowe, VT, at a young age my parents were killed by demons…but it was staged as a bad car accident. I’m sorry, I keep forgetting that most people don’t know about demons and such. You see, I am a Guardian, most of us are born from a Fallen Angel and another…well, you know…but I was born from a Guardian without another dying first. The way it works is that our bloodline doesn’t cease when we die, it continues, so it was peculiar for myself to be born from a Guardian and be a Guardian. There is a prophecy too…which is bullshit, I refuse to get into it because it’s absolutely ridiculous. Oh, and to make it really interesting there are only two Guardians left now…the Fallen and their legions figured out a way to stop the bloodline from passing on. But more about me, here are the basics: I love to eat, watch the weather, and I really miss farming.
2.) What would you change about yourself if you could? What would you keep?

I am stubborn and selfish. I like to think that this prophecy isn’t real even though it is staring me right in the face taunting me. Deep down I know it is real…but I am too scared to be the last Guardian to face it….I don’t want to. I suppose that makes me selfish because everyone has died for the prophecy to fulfill itself. But I do not want it.

I am passionate and I like to give everyone a chance. Most people just place vampires and shifters into categories, when really they are both very misunderstood. Oh, and werewolves too, they can’t help it that they are…rude, so to speak.
3.) Describe your favorite activity.

Hiking and fishing. Two of my favorite past times. Now, I just refocus my energy to control my new found powers. Oh, every time a Guardian dies, like really dies for good, I obtain their abilities…talk about a buzz kill, right?
4.) If you could write your own story, how would you change it?

Everyone would still be alive, and I wouldn’t be the one that would be to blame for it. We would be one happy family again, we would save the world one demon at a time, and wouldn’t have to worry about them finding out how to kill us for good.
5.) Who is the one person you can always depend on to be there for you?

Levi. Our relationship has been awkward since I made it apparent I wasn’t truly interested in a relationship, but at least I know he would drop everything for me. He’s been an amazing friend, one that I wish I didn’t mess up, and I hope I can fix in the future. I don’t know what I would do without him in my life.
6.) Who most annoys you?

Donovan Callidora…he is so hot…I mean…annoying…
7.) Who do you have to protect?

The world. My top priority is my family and the Callidora’s at this present time, but I know ultimately it is my duty to protect the world from the demons. Humans and the supernatural will not be able to protect themselves….I have to step up to the plate at some point, I suppose.
8.) What motivates you to get up in the morning?

Hunger and curiosity. Living with the Callidora’s has been a huge adjustment, but it is something new every day. The manor is so large that I know there is much of it I haven’t discovered yet…and well, as they say, curiosity kills the cat…
9.) If you could sit down with coffee with your author, what would you talk about?

Sue already knows the list that I would address with her. First and foremost would be why me. Second would be why me. Third would be why me. Oh, and I forgot to mention WHY ME? She knows damn well that I did not want this, and she had plenty of others to choose from, so why did it have to be me out of everyone.
10.) What is your favorite color and why?

You sound like Donovan. It’s red, and I love the way that it looks on roses.



Here are the questions for the nominated Authors:

  1. How would you describe yourself to a stranger?
  2. Do you like the situation you are in?
  3. What is your favorite food?
  4. Tell me about your current predicament
  5. Is there a significant other in the picture?
  6. Who would you trust with your life? Why?
  7. Who would you love to just get rid of? Why?
  8. Who annoys you the most? Why?
  9. Does your Author treat you right? I mean, would you trade them in?
  10. Where is your favorite place to be?